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Can’t stop won’t stop

Just got off the airplane from an amazing Christmas vacation with my family (that includes you, J, J, and A), now for a dance party!!


Great summary of the Alaskan Way Viaduct

An even more stunning example of this comes from another Seattle road project, the Alaskan Way Viaduct, projected to cost about $4 billion. “The total amount they think they can raise from toll-payers for this project is $200 million,” Williams-Derry said. “So we’re expecting taxpayers to pay 20 times as much as drivers themselves are going to pay.”

It’s what Yglesias calls the “push the costs onto other people” plan. The few who benefit from bad urban policy want the cost to be borne by the many who suffer from it.

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I love dogs, but

It’s Sunday. I’m up at 8 and on my way to work after having far too much fun with Dani, Nads, and Sumit at last night’s Ty Segall show. To say that I was pleased this morning at the sight of two german shepherds standing at the roadside would be to a grand fabrication. Only one of them took off after me (thank goodness for his friend’s lack of excitement), but boy if that didn’t get me halfway to work before I caught my breath.

Why am I being chased by german shepherds on my commute through the center of the second most populous city in the US? And why does this happen (albeit generally with smaller dogs) on a weekly basis? Who lets dogs roam free on city streets?

Amelia Earhart’s prenup

Amelia Earhart’s prenup

Bedbug Battle

For the past month or two, I’ve been battling a bed bug infestation. Today, finally, the landlord is sending an exterminator. Last night Cy and I tore apart my apartment to find every article that could be washed and dried. We sealed up boxes of books, threw away infested toolboxes, yearbooks, and class notes from grad school, and organized a complicated game of “fox and sheep” trying to make sure Cy didn’t bring any baddies home with him. In thirty minutes, pest control will be here to spray poison. From what I’ve read, this is only the beginning. Wish me luck!

Archie McPhee’s!

Do you remember this location?

Will it tweet to Fb?

will it blend?

Will it tweet?

Trying out WordPress

must spread content over as many networks as possible

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